Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dearly Beloved - Mary Jo Putney(1990)... bear with me

So i know this is an old book by 16 years, but I deeply feel it should be known. Not only is it an amazing book by a gifted author, but it resonates with me deeply. If any of you have looked into my other blogs, you may know my mother was rather inappropriate. My family vehemently denies it, but it is one of the underlying issues to many of my related issues. I would like to input a few quotes that relate, that are in the book.

"Making love can be quite lovely. It's best if you care deeply for your partner, but it can be quite enjoyable with any man you like who treats you well. Many women never learn that, of course. We are raised to protect ourselves from all men's advances, to fear being touched. It becomes difficult to relax and enjoy loving."

I have been damaged from my experiences with my mother, as does the love interest for Diana, Gervase; though not in the same capacity. My mother would randomly grab my boobs and giggle. She would ask about my upstairs and downstairs and to see them. It has made it very difficult getting intimate, it has been a journey and one I am still on. Which is difficult with a man I love, who I have been with for almost 6 years, and have had a child with. I sometimes have difficulty being touched, being exposed, or anything to do with my boobs. I have become a ninja in my resolve to protect them.

The character in the novel, Gervase was raped by his mother who had a need for love thanks to her incredible vanity. He suffers deeply because of it: having difficulty getting close, falling in love or accepting love believing he is too terrible to receive such a gift.

Another quote, "Yes. Pain is inevitable, but it isn't all there is to life. I would rather suffer sometimes than feel nothing. If one tries to eliminate the hard times, the good times are lost too."

Which I find similar between the main character Diana Lindsay and I. She had a rough childhood, a bad parent, and tons of anger and issues over the hand life gave to her. But she managed to overcome it, which isn't easy. And to embrace all life has to offer, seek out crazy adventures, see the best in people and would do anything to help people she cares about. I know it isn't an easy journey. With all the issues from that horrible house I grew up in, I had tons of anger, tons of rage and resentment and just needed to find peace. Which was very difficult, embracing all life has. All the possible beauty to be found and finding inner happiness and peace so I could move on,

The novel, Dearly Beloved is merely a story of love, forgiveness, and bonds which can't be broken that were either formed through a simple circumstance that bound people together. Or people who helped you at your darkest and became closer than your own family ever was. Diana and Gervase are connected and have many obstacles to overcome but love each other deeply.

Diana happens upon a middle-aged woman who is frail and sick in her garden during winter, she saves her life and makes her apart of her family and learns of her new friends past... as a courtesan. Diana couldn't marry, and wanted a new start with new experiences so she took her family (Madeline, her friend from the garden.Edith, her housekeeper. and her son Geoffrey). They move to London, where Madeline had resided and Diana decides to become a courtesan herself, so that even though she can't marry, she could find love in her life. She becomes known as the Fair Luna and on her first night, meets the striking Gervase and is drawn to him, knowing he is the one for her. They begin a courtship and create a bond that makes them inseperable, especially once Gervase meets her son Geoffrey. Gervase is a British spy master, and has forces out to destroy him, one of which has a particular eye for the Fair Luna and vows to make her his. Despite all the obstacles, can they find love when both had such troubled pasts and a complicated present?

5 Stars, and most definitely a must read. In fact, I would just die if someday HBO or someone made a show based on this. 1700's England, exposing the inner Courtesans life, with a love story such as this, and not too much like Moulin Rouge. I adore Moulin Rouge so much!!! But these are not the same, and this is a darker, sexier story.

Much Love,

Avg Girl