Friday, November 8, 2013


Yet another unrelated post....

Anyone else remember that awesome game on they used to have back in the early 2000's? and then it went away in jeez 2004? maybe 2005?

You could choose the barbie, her outfit, her hair, maybe even her make-up. And then at the end it gave you the dolls little life-story? I religiously played it back then and even after it went off i would still check a few times a year for two years just to see if they brought it back but sadly they never did... i bet if they did their website views would go up and maybe even sales! it was my favorite internet game!

Other favorite games back then were elf bowling (i know, so old. but it was so funny!), and jeopardy, random floppy disc games that i wish i could remember the names of! and many nintendo games: anticipation, duck hunt, pokemon snap (i think that was name, you were hired as a photographer and had to get awesome shots of pokemon), and of course all the mario games, and diddy kong racing. and to this day i still play on my 3ds mariokart games and mario64 and well i did have marioparty and diddy kong racing ds game (but sadly there were no players for multiplayer using wi-fi, sad because it had the BEST map, the ice pyramid!)

well thats all,

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

A look at me!

Just in case you guys are curious, this is the face behind the computer

Friday, October 11, 2013

Glee #The Quarterback

I think we can all agree last night's tribute episode was done beautifully and was absolutely heartbreaking. I for one could not stop crying. For me, it still hasn't seemed real like he's just gonna wake up and go "psych" but with this and the coronors' final autopsy really made it real and still not all the way there yet but a good step. I never felt a connection to him like thousands of people have so I don't know why I processed it in my head that way.

Burt, Carol, and Kurt's scene was one in particular that made the crying a little worse and well, be even more grateful I have my son (2 years old), and it was just a heartwrenching scene.

I was SO glad to see Coach Beiste again, I widh she was on the show every week! She is one of my favorite characters and has such a great heart, but her scenes with puck and Mr. Schue were other parts I cried more

But the 2 that were a little worse for me was especially Sue letting out her emotions to Santana (glad Glee let Jane mourn in the episode too, rather than having Sue all stony and cold). and Schue crying at the end.

I wish Rachel was in more scenes, but her scenes were beautiful, as well as her song.

My favorite songs were No Surrender sung by Puck tied with Fire and Rain by Sam & Artie, and then Santana's If I Die Young (particularly because of how she ran off and the conversation she had with Kurt).

Can I just say as soon as Puck said he didn't have the jacket I suspected Schue.

Finn/Cory will never be forgotten and my heart still goes out to his family and friends, and the Glee family.

Bravo to Glee and Fox for such a great job! 
                                                                                            twitter trend        #Remembering Cory

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Witches Of East End 1x02 Promo 'Millicent Fenwick, R.I.P.' - This Season...

Witches of East End

Witches of East End is AMAZING, and yes, I know they have only aired the pilot so far but am eagerly counting down to the next episode on Sunday! :D I have actually tuned in to it on cable 3 times now: first premier on sunday, and them replaying it right after, and last night. It is also downloaded to my laptop! That's how awesome it is. I have never re-watched a pilot (save for re-watching series from the beginning on dvd or netflix like Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, etc....) and I  have never felt this passion for one or re-watched an episode so much is such a short time frame. Usually I can't stand it, I am constantly on my bf's butt about having the same show on repeat for months on end, sometimes switches it to something else we have seen a million times but even that is on constant repeat and I don't know how he does it. This show has held my complete attention the entire time for each time I have watched and well, if you saw the eye candy you would understand why even more ;)

The cast is made up of Channing Tatum's wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Freya), Julia Ormond (an actress I have loved for as long as I can remember, especially for playing Sabrina... in the movie Sabrina. Still held very dear to my heart and frequently watched) She plays the mother. Rachel Boston plays Freya's sister Ingrid, Rachel had a pretty hefty resume: she has starred in 500 days of summer, 7th heaven, ghosts of girlfriends past, the ex list, scoundrels, the cleaners and much more. Aunt Wendy is played my Madchen Amick who has been in a lot too! She played Duchess Beaton on Gossip Girl (shocking I know), E.R., Joey, Gilmore Girls, Dawson's Creek, Freddie, Californication, Damages, My own worst enemy, etc....  Ingrid's Friend Barb is played by Kellee Stewart who ahs been in a lot but is most famed for playing Courtney in Hot Tub Time Machine (you know, the wife who cheated on her husband, oh wait psych! Some psycho guy called me when i was really little and now I never would!)

Ok, let's start with Killian on the right because well. I love him. He's hot, he's sexy, He is the new ian somerhalder if you can believe it! His name is Daniel DiTomaso and is new to Hollywood with only a few minor things under his belt. 
On the right we have Dash Gardiner (Killian's older brother) who is played by Eric Winter. Eric has been around for a while, anyone remember him playing Katherine Heigl's bf in The Ugly Truth? Well, he looked better in there.... Still hot! But with Killian in the picture it's like you don't even see him, and well if Killian isn't there, well you are still thinking about him... lol. 

The preview of the next episode is in next post. I am SO READY!

Hope you all tune in! You won't be disappointed! :) 

Much Love,
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Once Upon a Time

The new, highly anticipated 3rd season is starting on september 29 (just five days away!) sadly, we have to wait even longer for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, the new spin-off series. Now, i saw a few episodes last year while we were visiting my man's parents house and liked it but didn't pursue it because I had enough to watch already, and finally i have enough time on my hands and am all caught up from season 1 to now and i ADORE the show!

Now, I used to be obsessed with the spinning straw into gold part of Rumpelstiltskon's classic story as a child, but otherwise I found it creepy and well, it wasn't a favorite. But for Once Upon a Time he is my favorite character, I love all his storylines and I love Baelfire too (Bae, his son).  <3 both of them, both of their persona's are just sexy! So yeah rump is old (only find him hot as mr. gold) and bae is hot too but well, he could lose the belly....

I eagerly await hearing more of Prince Philips tale, as he is plays a character on PLL which I love, and he is crazy handsome and gotta love that accent! *sigh*

Prince Charming, he's really fantastic and romantic but he just doesn't do it for me though! I love Snow+Charming's storyline, I adore it. but I like rump's better. I love their "i will always find you" and how they are around eachother and who they are individually but still. The fascination isn't there: the need to delve in deeper to their story isn't there for me.

Hook: Well, he's a sexy, dashing pirate who has a heart he just sometime's lets his pride or selfish desires interfere. I love how he was in the Bae storylines, and even on his own. He is just perfect! (and also has a great accent) ;)

Geppetto and Pinocchio/August: These two are great, they have both had their faults, and pinocchio paid dearly (though achieved redemption and was rewarded), but still I love them.

The mad hatter is another one I love (which I was surprised at because he plays carter baizen on gossip girl, and HATED him). He has a great storyline and your heart just aches for him, looking forward to hearing more about that.

and of course the other character's are great: Jiminy, Henry, (LOVE THE DWARFS, Especially grumpy/Dreamy. He just rocks and is amazing).

The women are just fabulous on the show! None of them are weak, they are strong independant woman who are warriors; brave, the heroes of their own story. Belle is great in all her persona's but like the fairy-tale version more: her story with mulan, everything with rumple, and well her heart. I love red/ruby she is awesome, as well as snow, emma, granny, the fairies,(not crazy about sleeping beauty which i'm bummed about because that was my fave story as a kid, and it was my fave disney movie. Still hold it dear to my heart though), mulan, and regina.

This new season will introduce Ariel (and presumably Eric), along with Tinkerbelle, and well. idk who else. but I can't wait!  Henry was recently captured by Tamara and Owen and was taken to Neverland so Emma, Snow, Hook, Charming, Rumplestiltskin, and can't remember who else....  are off to Neverland! and Bae washed up in the Enchanted Forest with Prince Philip, Sleeping Beauty, and Mulan and is alive! So there are MANY exciting things in store! :)))

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Multiple movies thrown at you!

I realize I havent been on in forever it just took me a while to regain composure from one of my other blogs and i was moving halfway across the county, so this post wont be quite as in depth as my others and is just about things i have seen recently.

Movies:  Star Trek: Into the Darkness, LOVED! and cant wait for the next one! Kahn was a great villain and was played brilliantly, and the rest of the cast delivered stellar performances as well! 4 1/2 *'s
              Jack the Giant Slayer: Honestly I was dealing with a fussy baby so missed a few moments here and there but saw 97% and also loved it, but a little less. And yes, while it is sitting on one of my movie shelves I have yet to watch it again.  3 1/2 *'s
              Roman Holiday: An oldie! Just watched this the other night thanks to Netflix and adored it! I was a little let down she didnt end up with the guy but still warmed my heart. Audrey Hepburn has so many fabulous films! 4 *'s
              What to Expect When You're Expecting: This star-studded film was also very heartwarming and hilarious! A true delight from start to finish! I look forward to the sequel! 4 *'s
               Bachelorette: at first I felt a little scandalized and in shock but by the end i was in love and wanted it badly! really funny movie and rather romantic, now be warned: it's no notebook so dont come fussing about how there wasnt that much romance. 3 1/2 *'s
TV Shows: Pretty Little Liars, i would give it a 3 1/2 *'s, maybe 4. All i know is there are lots of better shows out there. I was simply curious and wanted to watch it while I'm young and its expected rather than being curious til I'm 40 and having it be pathetic. It isnt the best written show and I have rolled my eyes plenty of times but still keeps me addicted lol.

                  Gossip Girl: Not sure if I have blogged about this show yet but if I have, sorry! out of of my typical 5 stars I give, I would say a million! lol. This is hands down my favorite show! Definitely the most romantic show I have seen, and much more to it than meets the eye, definitely one to add to your netflix queue.
                  Dollhouse: Sadly, this show ended due to the horrible writers strike timing so we only have two seasons! But this is also one of my favorites and give it the same amount of stars as Gossip Girl. This is amazing in a different way, it doesn't focus on love relationships (though there are some to pull your heart strings pretty tightly), love is in the background along with all the superficial show stuff like fashion and gossip and drama. Yes, there are some dramatic episodes, but this shows about the science, and the people, and how the dollhouse changes them. and the world outside us (which is more focused on in second season). Truly amazing and a work of pure genius! (thank you joss whedon!)

                    Fairy Tail: k, don't judge me yet! Just started watching this show yesterday, and I am by no means an anime fan but this is fun to watch and is just a substitute for sailor moon (the only anime show I love, and well actually wanted to watch). Again, not the best out there but I like it so :p
                    Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: I have a two-year old son and he loves this show and I don't mind watching either. I'm actually surprised I like it, considering it's new and all of todays cartoons and tv shows for kids just suck! we had it awesome in the 90's and early 2000's. But this is pretty good. Other faves we watch with him are Curious George, Dinosaur Train, Mike the Knight, Backyardigans, etc... (Fallback: Calliou, Cat in the Hat) and well. movies: Disney, dreamworks, curious george movies, alvin and the chipmunks cartoon movies, etc....)

Well! I think thats it, but I will try and get on to post more often

Much Love,

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

wreck it ralph

sorry havent been on in forever, and never did the VA thing like i said i would but well. it would have been the longest thing ever because i cant leave anything out lol. And things have been omega busy, so forgive me? :)  

We bought Wreck It Ralph as soon as it hit the shelves and that is truly one of the most original movies i have seen, and it's super funny too! With the voice talents of john c reilly, jon mcbrayer, mindy kaling, sarah silverman, jane lynch, and much much more.

Ralph is just your average guy who is sick of being the bad guy and all the 'perks' that come with it: loneliness, being feared/hated, and so he decides to win a medal for a chance at a better life and so he hops on over to hero's duty to get that and then to the racing game Sugar Rush where there are a whole bunch of shenanigans going on and he helps a girl there to achieve her dreams of being a racer so she too can have the better life that he wants because both of them are just misfits. There are some pretty sad parts and the more i watch it the more i want to tear up lol.

This movie for me, just had to grow on me. after seeing it the first time i was like okay i liked it, this was really good i'm just not in love with it. And now, (after watching it more times than i can count) I really do love it, and so does my son..... and even my future spouse does and he is NOT a disney fan (shocker! i know, I am like the worlds biggest disney dork and movie buff so really sucks that he's not a movie guy, he's a gamer.)

So 4 1/2 *'s. Definitely watch it!


Much Love,

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Monday, February 4, 2013


While my heart is and forever more shall be devoted to my dear matthew, tonight i live in my movies (and my not too distant past of being a starstruck teenager) and declare my love (yet again....) for Joseph Fiennes! True, I would rather wake up any day next to the love of my life. But tonight I can't help but get lost in Joseph whether it be in Shakespeare in Love, Elizabeth, or even The Very Thought Of You (a.k.a. Martha, meet frank, daniel, and lawrence). Tonights choice just happened to be Elizabeth, but usually I have Shakespeare in Love on repeat, (a great movie you all shoudl check out). I watched Harry Potter yesterday and while my sister may crave his brother Ralph (Voldemort), i beg to differ that Joseph is by far the most handsome of the two. She says Joseph looks like a girl, but any fool can see she is a fool.

Joseph                                                                                         Ralph

How could Ralph get anyone's blood boiling? he is NOT hot.


Much Love,

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Books that need to be made into movies

K 1, vampire academy (which will be made soon!)

2, love story. Yes i know it was already made in the 70s but it sucked. Kat dennings and chace crawford should be the leads. Kurts dad in glee play kats dad. And the man who plays florenz ziegfeld in funny girl would play chaces dad, but sadly he is dead.

3, model student by robin hazelwood.

4, midnight for charlie bone series.

5, the great and terrible beauty by libba bray

6, dearly beloved by mary jo putney.

7, sophie the circus princess. Its a childrens book i had when i was younger and will have again when get a daughter down the road.

8, unforgettable by leigh riker.

9, forever trilogy by jude deveraux.

10, vampire shrink series by lynda hilburn

I could definitely go on but really only posted for sophie the circus princess

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vampire Academy

As much as I want to dork out and post a gazillion smiley faces after 'Vampire Academy' I will contain myself because a long post ahead of me.

k well. sorry. nvm. long @$$ day. please dont be too angry at me waiting til tomorrow. My bed is way too appealing right now

much love

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-_- zzzzzz

Hello world!

Later tonight after dinner I will post on the first VA book, so stay tuned! it is about 5 or 6 hours away, just wanted to tell you that I do plan on posting today and the following days about this AMAZING series.


For now, for all of you who have not seen The Hobbit yet head to your nearest theater before it stops showing because the second one will be out later this year and the third one in 2014. You don't want to miss seeing it and watch it halfway do you? Better to start at the beginning for sure.This 2 1/2 hour movie is very enagaging and funny, and let me warn you there is a song or two in it.... And of course, Gollum (a.k.a. Smeagul) is in this movie, along with Frodo but very, very shortly, Gollum is in the movie longer, thank god right? lol. The white wizard Sarumon is in here and I couldn't help but glare at him each time I saw him. Thankfully Gandalf was in it otherwise I would have been kind of angry about Sarumon being in it and not Gandalf. Ther is also a quite comical, and gross character: Radagast the Brown, so pay attention to that fellow. There are Orcs of course, but not the same mutated ones we saw in LOTR.

For all of you who have seen it, what were your thoughts?


and of course, every movie has to have eye candy.... The third guy was hard to keep my eyes off of lol

and this pic below is just to make sure you have some of the names, because there are alot. and much easier to talk about a character rather than describing everything just to get it through

Now we saw it in 3d and yeah, some parts were totally rad but it's not necessary. Nothing compared to Titanic 3D, in my opinion.

Much Love,

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Vampire Academy coming to the Big Screen!!!

Not sure exactly if it will be this year or next year, but it has been announced! Someone that worked on Heathers (one of my fave movies), and someone that worked on Mean Girls (another movie I love) will be part of this movie so it's bound to be good, right? No cast has been announced but here is my dream cast:

Dimitri: Kelly Blatz (but I suppose, If Ben Barnes gets it then I can make do)

Tatiana: Judy Dench

Lissa: Taylor Momsen

Adrian: Well, honestly, there is a guy I know who likes like how I picture Adrian but well... protecting privacy and all that so no Facebook name for you! lol but well... maybe a pic

  ow ow! lol

and Janine Hathaway - Illeana Douglass (even though she is really tall) she looks like how i imagine Janine,, but shorter. and Illeana is so nice! I had the pleasure of meeting her briefly.

I have no idea who i want to play rose, i havent found anyone worthy yet.

Tasha is another person I don't know about, but I look like her! lol

Over the next few days, each day I will make a new post with summaries of each book along with my favorite quotes from each one.

If you haven't read this series yet, pick it up! You will love it! And know all of the information before it hits theaters.

What is your dream cast? Fave Book?

Much Love,

Avg Girl