Sunday, March 26, 2017

Youtube Fanvid Rejects part 3

Moulin Rouge
Butterflies (by Automatic Loveletter)

i own nothing all rights to Automatic loveletter, FOX, moulin rouge, etc....

youtube didn't allow simply because of Satine's death scene.

sorry for vid quality, had to keep to 100 MB to upload. 

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My fanvid Youtube Rejects Part 2

youtube handle is luvs10138 so you can see ones that didnt get banned.

show: Timeless
Lucy & Flynn
I know places (by T. Swift with pitch change)

sorry quality isnt super great, had to keep videos to 100 MB to be able to upload

i own nothing, all rights to greedy T swift. timeless, NBC, etc

My fanvid videos Youtube Rejects. Part 1

This is for Witches of East End
Freya +Killian
Man of the Sea (by Jamie McDell)

I own nothing. enjoy~