Friday, October 11, 2013

Glee #The Quarterback

I think we can all agree last night's tribute episode was done beautifully and was absolutely heartbreaking. I for one could not stop crying. For me, it still hasn't seemed real like he's just gonna wake up and go "psych" but with this and the coronors' final autopsy really made it real and still not all the way there yet but a good step. I never felt a connection to him like thousands of people have so I don't know why I processed it in my head that way.

Burt, Carol, and Kurt's scene was one in particular that made the crying a little worse and well, be even more grateful I have my son (2 years old), and it was just a heartwrenching scene.

I was SO glad to see Coach Beiste again, I widh she was on the show every week! She is one of my favorite characters and has such a great heart, but her scenes with puck and Mr. Schue were other parts I cried more

But the 2 that were a little worse for me was especially Sue letting out her emotions to Santana (glad Glee let Jane mourn in the episode too, rather than having Sue all stony and cold). and Schue crying at the end.

I wish Rachel was in more scenes, but her scenes were beautiful, as well as her song.

My favorite songs were No Surrender sung by Puck tied with Fire and Rain by Sam & Artie, and then Santana's If I Die Young (particularly because of how she ran off and the conversation she had with Kurt).

Can I just say as soon as Puck said he didn't have the jacket I suspected Schue.

Finn/Cory will never be forgotten and my heart still goes out to his family and friends, and the Glee family.

Bravo to Glee and Fox for such a great job! 
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