Friday, November 8, 2013


Yet another unrelated post....

Anyone else remember that awesome game on they used to have back in the early 2000's? and then it went away in jeez 2004? maybe 2005?

You could choose the barbie, her outfit, her hair, maybe even her make-up. And then at the end it gave you the dolls little life-story? I religiously played it back then and even after it went off i would still check a few times a year for two years just to see if they brought it back but sadly they never did... i bet if they did their website views would go up and maybe even sales! it was my favorite internet game!

Other favorite games back then were elf bowling (i know, so old. but it was so funny!), and jeopardy, random floppy disc games that i wish i could remember the names of! and many nintendo games: anticipation, duck hunt, pokemon snap (i think that was name, you were hired as a photographer and had to get awesome shots of pokemon), and of course all the mario games, and diddy kong racing. and to this day i still play on my 3ds mariokart games and mario64 and well i did have marioparty and diddy kong racing ds game (but sadly there were no players for multiplayer using wi-fi, sad because it had the BEST map, the ice pyramid!)

well thats all,

Much Love,
                         Avg Girl

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