Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I was planning on once everyday in November til Thanksgiving I would post a hot guy to be thankful for, but well. Things got crazy so let's get started! (Please note, how I numbered them isn't exactly how I feel, I'm just listing my tops. The only one that I believe is right where it should be is number 1)

1) Reserved for the men's of our lives, our significant others. I would post a pic of my very handsome man, but well. We like our privacy.

2) Joseph Fiennes, OW OW OW! lol. Honestly he needs to be in more movies, He was great in Elizabeth, Shakespeare in Love, and Martha meet Frank, Daniel, and Laurence (starring Monnica Potter, the man that plays Mr. Collins as well as Lord Beckett. and the man that plays Jasper in The Holiday). Well, here you go ladies, Devour.

3) Ed Westwick - I'm sure those of you who regularly check into the happenings on the UES know this famed man, Chuck Bass. I admit, it took me a while to find him attractive but now, HELLO ;)


3) Ian Somerhalder, like DUH! Or as he is also know Smolderhalder.


4) Paul Wesley (whom, while he is hot, is below all of these people above him and some below)


5) Matthew McFayden, true he isn't the best looking, but I'm sure we can all agree, when he is Mr.Darcy he is the only one we want LOL


6) Chace Crawford, again hot but not as hot as smolderhalder, fiennes, or Westwick.


7) Ryan Reynolds


8) Ryan Gosling, stole our hearts in the notebook, and then again in crazy, stupid love so of course he's on this list


9) Tommy Lee, yeah, I know, he's gotten old. And I have lost my taste for other guys that are old now that I used to think were omega hot (Brad Pitt, McConaughay, Pierce Brosnan, etc...) But can't shake this one yet


10) Robert Downey Jr, another duh! lol

11) Christian Slater, yeah I know not the best looking. But his character in heathers really has me going, and yeah I know he's crazy, but well... this girl surrenders! lol. Please note, only find him attractive in Heathers. Not jonesing for the current one, just the one in this movie.

    (isn't this last pic just adorbs? lol.)

12) Michael Vartan, I'm sure those of you have seen Never Been Kissed agree, but for those of you who are like who is this? Here's proof he's a hottie! lol


13) The Rock, for old times sake. I have gotten over my crush but when I was little I would never miss his wrestling matches on tv lol.

14) Josh Duhamel, how can we talk about hunks and leave him off? lol


15) Orlando Bloom. Only as brunette, he's ugly in LOTR. And I'm sure I'm not the only who mourned when he got married, and then again when he had a kid. lol.

sorry, got carried away, but can you blame me? lol

16) Joseph Morgan. again not the hottest, but hot. and an amazing klaus!


17) David Boreanaz. Not as hot as he was in his youth when he played Angel, oh boy did he get my blood boiling! lol.


18) Kelly Blatz, how he looked in April Showers especially. and trust me ladies, even hotter in person. I was an extra in it. 2nd pic has Ben Barnes cuz I know people love him. I haven't found a reason to yet.

sorry about excess, just trying to spread word. it's a great movie that not alot of people know about. Also look up Sean Durrie. he was in movie too and also hot, but well. not exactly famous so dont want things to get weird by posting a pic or two of an average joe

19) Paul Rudd, who would've thought right? I'm sure we all remember the dork he was in Clueless, but he's turned into quite a stud.


20) I will have another one that I don't find attractive anymore but he used to be the bee's knees! Freddie Prinze Jr. (does anyone else get annoyed by how he talks?)


21) Heath Ledger, RIP. but man was he a hottie! and a great actor! stole my heart many times, and had such a bright future (and past lol). I know they say gone too soon about M.J. but I say it about this wonderful actor.


Much Love,

Avg Girl

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