Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Vampire Academy coming to the Big Screen!!!

Not sure exactly if it will be this year or next year, but it has been announced! Someone that worked on Heathers (one of my fave movies), and someone that worked on Mean Girls (another movie I love) will be part of this movie so it's bound to be good, right? No cast has been announced but here is my dream cast:

Dimitri: Kelly Blatz (but I suppose, If Ben Barnes gets it then I can make do)

Tatiana: Judy Dench

Lissa: Taylor Momsen

Adrian: Well, honestly, there is a guy I know who likes like how I picture Adrian but well... protecting privacy and all that so no Facebook name for you! lol but well... maybe a pic

  ow ow! lol

and Janine Hathaway - Illeana Douglass (even though she is really tall) she looks like how i imagine Janine,, but shorter. and Illeana is so nice! I had the pleasure of meeting her briefly.

I have no idea who i want to play rose, i havent found anyone worthy yet.

Tasha is another person I don't know about, but I look like her! lol

Over the next few days, each day I will make a new post with summaries of each book along with my favorite quotes from each one.

If you haven't read this series yet, pick it up! You will love it! And know all of the information before it hits theaters.

What is your dream cast? Fave Book?

Much Love,

Avg Girl

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