Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Once Upon a Time

The new, highly anticipated 3rd season is starting on september 29 (just five days away!) sadly, we have to wait even longer for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, the new spin-off series. Now, i saw a few episodes last year while we were visiting my man's parents house and liked it but didn't pursue it because I had enough to watch already, and finally i have enough time on my hands and am all caught up from season 1 to now and i ADORE the show!

Now, I used to be obsessed with the spinning straw into gold part of Rumpelstiltskon's classic story as a child, but otherwise I found it creepy and well, it wasn't a favorite. But for Once Upon a Time he is my favorite character, I love all his storylines and I love Baelfire too (Bae, his son).  <3 both of them, both of their persona's are just sexy! So yeah rump is old (only find him hot as mr. gold) and bae is hot too but well, he could lose the belly....

I eagerly await hearing more of Prince Philips tale, as he is plays a character on PLL which I love, and he is crazy handsome and gotta love that accent! *sigh*

Prince Charming, he's really fantastic and romantic but he just doesn't do it for me though! I love Snow+Charming's storyline, I adore it. but I like rump's better. I love their "i will always find you" and how they are around eachother and who they are individually but still. The fascination isn't there: the need to delve in deeper to their story isn't there for me.

Hook: Well, he's a sexy, dashing pirate who has a heart he just sometime's lets his pride or selfish desires interfere. I love how he was in the Bae storylines, and even on his own. He is just perfect! (and also has a great accent) ;)

Geppetto and Pinocchio/August: These two are great, they have both had their faults, and pinocchio paid dearly (though achieved redemption and was rewarded), but still I love them.

The mad hatter is another one I love (which I was surprised at because he plays carter baizen on gossip girl, and HATED him). He has a great storyline and your heart just aches for him, looking forward to hearing more about that.

and of course the other character's are great: Jiminy, Henry, (LOVE THE DWARFS, Especially grumpy/Dreamy. He just rocks and is amazing).

The women are just fabulous on the show! None of them are weak, they are strong independant woman who are warriors; brave, the heroes of their own story. Belle is great in all her persona's but like the fairy-tale version more: her story with mulan, everything with rumple, and well her heart. I love red/ruby she is awesome, as well as snow, emma, granny, the fairies,(not crazy about sleeping beauty which i'm bummed about because that was my fave story as a kid, and it was my fave disney movie. Still hold it dear to my heart though), mulan, and regina.

This new season will introduce Ariel (and presumably Eric), along with Tinkerbelle, and well. idk who else. but I can't wait!  Henry was recently captured by Tamara and Owen and was taken to Neverland so Emma, Snow, Hook, Charming, Rumplestiltskin, and can't remember who else....  are off to Neverland! and Bae washed up in the Enchanted Forest with Prince Philip, Sleeping Beauty, and Mulan and is alive! So there are MANY exciting things in store! :)))

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