Saturday, August 17, 2013

Multiple movies thrown at you!

I realize I havent been on in forever it just took me a while to regain composure from one of my other blogs and i was moving halfway across the county, so this post wont be quite as in depth as my others and is just about things i have seen recently.

Movies:  Star Trek: Into the Darkness, LOVED! and cant wait for the next one! Kahn was a great villain and was played brilliantly, and the rest of the cast delivered stellar performances as well! 4 1/2 *'s
              Jack the Giant Slayer: Honestly I was dealing with a fussy baby so missed a few moments here and there but saw 97% and also loved it, but a little less. And yes, while it is sitting on one of my movie shelves I have yet to watch it again.  3 1/2 *'s
              Roman Holiday: An oldie! Just watched this the other night thanks to Netflix and adored it! I was a little let down she didnt end up with the guy but still warmed my heart. Audrey Hepburn has so many fabulous films! 4 *'s
              What to Expect When You're Expecting: This star-studded film was also very heartwarming and hilarious! A true delight from start to finish! I look forward to the sequel! 4 *'s
               Bachelorette: at first I felt a little scandalized and in shock but by the end i was in love and wanted it badly! really funny movie and rather romantic, now be warned: it's no notebook so dont come fussing about how there wasnt that much romance. 3 1/2 *'s
TV Shows: Pretty Little Liars, i would give it a 3 1/2 *'s, maybe 4. All i know is there are lots of better shows out there. I was simply curious and wanted to watch it while I'm young and its expected rather than being curious til I'm 40 and having it be pathetic. It isnt the best written show and I have rolled my eyes plenty of times but still keeps me addicted lol.

                  Gossip Girl: Not sure if I have blogged about this show yet but if I have, sorry! out of of my typical 5 stars I give, I would say a million! lol. This is hands down my favorite show! Definitely the most romantic show I have seen, and much more to it than meets the eye, definitely one to add to your netflix queue.
                  Dollhouse: Sadly, this show ended due to the horrible writers strike timing so we only have two seasons! But this is also one of my favorites and give it the same amount of stars as Gossip Girl. This is amazing in a different way, it doesn't focus on love relationships (though there are some to pull your heart strings pretty tightly), love is in the background along with all the superficial show stuff like fashion and gossip and drama. Yes, there are some dramatic episodes, but this shows about the science, and the people, and how the dollhouse changes them. and the world outside us (which is more focused on in second season). Truly amazing and a work of pure genius! (thank you joss whedon!)

                    Fairy Tail: k, don't judge me yet! Just started watching this show yesterday, and I am by no means an anime fan but this is fun to watch and is just a substitute for sailor moon (the only anime show I love, and well actually wanted to watch). Again, not the best out there but I like it so :p
                    Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: I have a two-year old son and he loves this show and I don't mind watching either. I'm actually surprised I like it, considering it's new and all of todays cartoons and tv shows for kids just suck! we had it awesome in the 90's and early 2000's. But this is pretty good. Other faves we watch with him are Curious George, Dinosaur Train, Mike the Knight, Backyardigans, etc... (Fallback: Calliou, Cat in the Hat) and well. movies: Disney, dreamworks, curious george movies, alvin and the chipmunks cartoon movies, etc....)

Well! I think thats it, but I will try and get on to post more often

Much Love,

Avg Girl

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