Monday, September 17, 2012


This is an 80's cult film, dark and so addicting to me at least. Christian Slater is so perfect and wickedly sexy. Call me crazy, I don't care. lol. I wouldn't want to know him but god! do I love him here, he did amazing! Winona Ryder makes a social upgrade from dork to pork. She's hanging with the Heathers and get's fed up with them, and with Christian Slater's character J.D. is off the rails and seems like the daredevil that we all crave no matter how much denying you do. Until we discover just how bent out of shape he is, and well, even then some of you crazier gals may still be in the running but I withdrew right before Heather ended up cut. After Heather they go after two jocks, and then a much, MUCH bigger target, A must see!

4 *'s! but well 5 stars according to Netflix for Loved It! lol

Much Love,

Avg Girl

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