Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Books that need to be made into movies

K 1, vampire academy (which will be made soon!)

2, love story. Yes i know it was already made in the 70s but it sucked. Kat dennings and chace crawford should be the leads. Kurts dad in glee play kats dad. And the man who plays florenz ziegfeld in funny girl would play chaces dad, but sadly he is dead.

3, model student by robin hazelwood.

4, midnight for charlie bone series.

5, the great and terrible beauty by libba bray

6, dearly beloved by mary jo putney.

7, sophie the circus princess. Its a childrens book i had when i was younger and will have again when get a daughter down the road.

8, unforgettable by leigh riker.

9, forever trilogy by jude deveraux.

10, vampire shrink series by lynda hilburn

I could definitely go on but really only posted for sophie the circus princess

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