Monday, February 4, 2013


While my heart is and forever more shall be devoted to my dear matthew, tonight i live in my movies (and my not too distant past of being a starstruck teenager) and declare my love (yet again....) for Joseph Fiennes! True, I would rather wake up any day next to the love of my life. But tonight I can't help but get lost in Joseph whether it be in Shakespeare in Love, Elizabeth, or even The Very Thought Of You (a.k.a. Martha, meet frank, daniel, and lawrence). Tonights choice just happened to be Elizabeth, but usually I have Shakespeare in Love on repeat, (a great movie you all shoudl check out). I watched Harry Potter yesterday and while my sister may crave his brother Ralph (Voldemort), i beg to differ that Joseph is by far the most handsome of the two. She says Joseph looks like a girl, but any fool can see she is a fool.

Joseph                                                                                         Ralph

How could Ralph get anyone's blood boiling? he is NOT hot.


Much Love,

Avg Girl

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