Thursday, March 7, 2013

wreck it ralph

sorry havent been on in forever, and never did the VA thing like i said i would but well. it would have been the longest thing ever because i cant leave anything out lol. And things have been omega busy, so forgive me? :)  

We bought Wreck It Ralph as soon as it hit the shelves and that is truly one of the most original movies i have seen, and it's super funny too! With the voice talents of john c reilly, jon mcbrayer, mindy kaling, sarah silverman, jane lynch, and much much more.

Ralph is just your average guy who is sick of being the bad guy and all the 'perks' that come with it: loneliness, being feared/hated, and so he decides to win a medal for a chance at a better life and so he hops on over to hero's duty to get that and then to the racing game Sugar Rush where there are a whole bunch of shenanigans going on and he helps a girl there to achieve her dreams of being a racer so she too can have the better life that he wants because both of them are just misfits. There are some pretty sad parts and the more i watch it the more i want to tear up lol.

This movie for me, just had to grow on me. after seeing it the first time i was like okay i liked it, this was really good i'm just not in love with it. And now, (after watching it more times than i can count) I really do love it, and so does my son..... and even my future spouse does and he is NOT a disney fan (shocker! i know, I am like the worlds biggest disney dork and movie buff so really sucks that he's not a movie guy, he's a gamer.)

So 4 1/2 *'s. Definitely watch it!


Much Love,

Avg Girl

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