Sunday, August 12, 2012

April Showers

Hey you mighty Ponderers'! (lame, sorry)

For the First Movie Review,
                                                                    April Showers!

This is an independent film by Andrew Robinson, filmed here, in Nebraska. It's based on Columbine and the aftereffects on the students. This story will forever be close to me heart, and let's be honest, will always make me cry.

Stars cast in this film are Darryl Sabara (Spy kids very own Junie), Kelly Blatz (Aaron Stone, Glory Daze, Sonny with a chance, Prom Night), Tom and Mark Arnold, Illeana Douglas (Message In A Bottle, Ugly Betty, Drew Carey Show, and countless other films.), also some other rather unknown actors.

As USNewsDesk puts it "Andrew Robinson's "April Showers" is like Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center." We relive a day that stunned the world. We look for triumph over tragedy at the most intimate level.

It is an intense film. The MPAA found its content disturbing. I disagree. What they meant was that it unlocks the deepest feelings of innocence lost.

The softest targets, we all are. Protectors unprotected. The hero inside ignored. The survivor looking over the dead. The dead looking over those still standing.

The history of the world in fewer days than God took to create it.

And who is left to create charity, hope, and faith? 

The answer comes from a director with a sure hand, in real life a young playwright at Columbine High School 10 years ago whose next leading lady was to be a student named Rachel Joy Scott."

I rate this movie 5 Stars! and wait for it to be restocked on Amazon so I can order it to add to my DVD collection. 

I was on set as an extra for this movie, and let me just say, these are great people, and Illeana is truly a delight. And the cast is very funny and fun, of course :). 

Add this to the top of your list of movies to see and report back to me.

Much Love, 

Avg. Girl

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