Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chalet Girl

So, I am addicted to Gossip Girl, and of course I had to see Chalet Girl with Ed Westwick in it. I must say, I loved it, much to my surprise. A girl who used to be a skateboarder lives with her dad and they need money so she got hired as a Chalet Girl in Austria for Ed Westwicks' family. She is really only needed as a cook and waitress and has the rest of the time to herself. She picks up snowboarding and becomes great, making great friends along the way... and falling for Ed. Ed is currently dating someone else but still falls in love with ehr anyways.It was kinda lame when I realized what was keeping her back from making the bug jump was a car wreck and her mom died, just like every other movie, i.e. Save the Last Dance (great, great movie). She enters a snowboarding contest by Roxy offering $25,00 grand to the winner, but can she make it? We already know that she hesitates... Some great songs are included, especially one by LostProphets. Check it out! 4*'s!

Much Love,

Avg Girl


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