Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daydream Nation

I found this on netflix yesterday and watched it last night and give it a 4*'s. It has Kat Dennings, Josh Lucas, Andie MacDowell, and other people that are pretty much unknowns. Kat Dennings' character Caroline moves to a small town that's really kinda odd and cruel. She starts off with a tale of a girl in high school who had perfect attendance, even though she worked nights at a stripclub. This poor girl every day had to deal with people, especially jocks heating up coins and tossing them on her leaving burn marks. Her body turned up dead eventually, as well as a few other women who are victims of the man in the white suit. [I know, so ominous ;)] Anyways, back to Caroline, she pretty much off the bat catches the eye of a stoner kid, who really is a sweetheart, and immediately falls in love. His best friend dies the same night, and he carries that guilt with him, and Caroline heals him and makes him better and more respectable. However, Caroline harbors her own little secret, she is secretly sleeping with the newest teacher to her school, who it turns out isn't quite right in the head. He makes a book based on him where his fiancee cheats on him with his best friend and he discovers them when he comes home early, He then moves away to his hometown and calls all the people he used to know asking them questions in a british voice saying it's for research: How much money do make? Are you happy? How come? What do you think they end of the world will look like?

Caroline and the teacher, Barry, use the stoner kid, Thurston, as a cover so no one gets suspicious. When Caroline breaks things off with Barry because she fell for Thurston, he goes a little crazy and keeps Thurston after to tell him everything. Thurston goes home and blows up at Caroline, and immerses himself in drugs and a party. Caroline is on her way to the party when she crashes and in the process kills the killer in the white suit. She goes the next day to make up with Thurston and is successful! She apologizes and he says 'Why? You healed me.'

This movie is truly great, I am so glad I watched it, and highly recommend it to you.

Much Love,

Avg Girl

Lol, this next picture I had to share with all of you:

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