Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hey Hey Hey!

Today I will be writing about Lost in Austen.

First, let me make this very clear do not see this!!! I can't even give it a star, that's how awful it was to sit through. The only thing I could appreciate about the movie was how it made you question how things could have been different but it was just too much. First off, the main character finds a way in to the Bennett home from her apartment and switches places with Elizabeth. And Mrs. Bennett is an insufferable bitch. at least in Pride and Prejudice she wasn't annoying, she was quite comedical. Caroline (played by Clarissa "What a Girl Wants"), is a lesbian! She makes a pass at the main character when she says she is gay just to make sure a match is secure among the bennett sisters. Mr. Bennett I though would be cool, but he's callous, and a pain, he just doesn't care (reminds me of my mom actually...) Jane ends up marrying Mr. Collins, and Charlotte goes to Africa to help there because her and Elizabeth made a pact that if things ever got so bad  and they couldn't take it anymore they would just go. Mr. Bingley can't have Jane so he turns into a drunk who is a grump. And ends up with Clarissa after Mr. Darcy's engagement to her falls through, and oh the horror!!!

I couldn't watch or read Pride and Prejudice for way too long after seeing that wretched film. Mind you, Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book.

Please, save yourself the trouble and get Lost In Austen another way...

Much Love,

Avg Girl

Lost in Austen

Take note, obviously these reviews on the cover can in no way be real, because it is awful.

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