Friday, August 17, 2012


Hey bloggers,

Sorry missed a few days. Thing's have been pretty crazy here in Homaha, Been catching up with my life.

New movie review: Wake, which stars, our favorite vampire! With a smile as wicked as his moves, Damon Salvatore. (i.e. Ian Somerhalder)

Bijou Phillips is the female lead, and is like all of us. Looking for the light, a connection. She is emotionally isolated and goes to strangers funerals hoping to feel something. At one fateful funeral, she meets Tyler (Ian) and he is in mourning over his recently deceased fiancee. Not heeding the warnings from her undertaker friend, and her roommate she carries on with Tyler, and falls for him.

This movie is about a womans journey through life who tries to find something to connect to after a hard life, and mysteries surrounding her sister. And her road to love. it's very hilarious and suspenseful, and honestly, Ian Somerhalder just makes your heart melt, but then again, why wouldn't he?


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