Sunday, August 12, 2012


I was planning on doing one post a day but I am extremely bored and fighting a nap even though i need it.

What are your opinions on god?

I would like to believe there is one but it's hard. I do pray. but unsure if it makes a difference. Don't mean to get into something so controversial on my second post but I just wanted to know your input. My family does. and my mom and step-dad they go to church every few months, and occasionally kick it up to everyweek but only for a little while. They are the people who if they take a leave of absence they come back just for potlucks or easter, (easter egg hunt), and when we do, we have to go to sunday school; my least favorite part. I don't see them pray, and they are by no means christians in how they live their lives. Nothing horrible just not anything i would expect christians to act like. Honestly, I think they go just to keep up appearances and to socialize. Honestly, my mom will stand there talking for 2 hours after the service or well, til everyone leaves and she has talked their ear off. and we keep wondering when are we gonna go, kinda starving here. She is always talking, and making us wait on her.

I moved out the so i am no longer waiting on her, or being her little slave. (topic for another time...)

Sorry got a little carried away but hey, it's a blog! it's meant to be a means of expressing how you feel!

Much Love,

Avg. Girl

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