Monday, August 13, 2012


Cheri was honestly a disappointment and hard to pay attention to, much to my dismay. Michelle Pfeiffer, Rupert Friend (Mr.Wickham, Pride & Prejudice), Kathy Bates and may others star in this film where courtesans take lovers, friends are unconcerned with your heart, and spurned lovers abandon their wives in search of something more meaningful.

Kathy Bate's is Rupert Friend's mother in this film and feels the need to tame his boyish ways and get him to know how to treat a lady so hires her friend (Michelle Pfeiffer) to do it to celebrate the inception of her retirement as a courtesan. Little do they know the love that will follow, turning one weekend in Normandy into 6 years. When he has an arranged marriage they try to deny their feelings for eachother but can't shake it....

It's very sweet and romantic, but Rupert's character is irritating and very arrogant. I can't imagine being that position, I cried quite abit and my heart truly went out to them.


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