Monday, August 13, 2012

Love Story, baby just say yes :)

Book Review:

                                                    Love Story by Erich Segal

This is a novel from 1970, old but still timeless. The novel isn't dated at all, very much like today and very easy to follow. I got this from my aunt as she loves this story too.

There is a movie based on this novel but honestly, don't waste your time. It's awful and unbearable.

One of my favorite love stories, a few "stories" below Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth and other amazing couples but it is worth the read!

Oliver Barrett III and Jenny Calliveri come from different worlds: him the privileged jock who is not in the best relationship with his father, oh yeah, and he has many buildings/halls at Harvard (where he goes to school) in his families name. Jenny has much more humble beginnings, her father owns a bakery shop in Cranston, Rhode Island, and she attends Radcliffe College with dreams of going to Paris to study with a famous music instructor and got accepted.

Just like all of us couples today: they fight, and they bring out the best in eachother making them reach higher to get things right. The most memorable quote which is used quite often is "love means never having to say your sorry".

This movie makes you laugh, and cry, and realize what love does to you, and how it transforms you no matter how or in what form love comes to you.

5 Stars! (worth way more though) :)

Much Love,

Avg. Girl

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